Services We Provide To The Legal Profession

Courthouse Services:
  • Filings
  • Recordings
  • Certified copies
  • Summons Issuance
  • Delivery of trial materials
  • Docket copies
  • After-Hours filings
  • Deliveries to Judge's Chambers

Other Services:

  • Real estate contracts, closing documents, checks, letters, Etc.
  • File boxes picked up and delivered..
  • X-Rays, Medical records, Etc.
  • Legal transcripts picked up and delivered
  • Documents of all types
  • Almost all non hazardous items requiring urgent delivery
  • We can perform round trips, multiple stops, delivery at specific time and place,
    Etc.  Call us for any complex delivery.

Scheduled Services:
  • Daily mail pickups
  • Bank Deposits
  • Daily inter-office routes
  • Daily courthouse runs
  • Custom routes to suit your firm's needs

We provide individual job tickets with your client reference for convenient billing
Very fast  -  Very reliable  -  Very economical

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Services for the legal profession
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