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Services for Architects

Services We Provide To Architects:

  • Delivery of architectural drawings and plans - We can pick up from your office
    without special packaging. We can deliver to clients, job sites, copy services, Etc.
  • We can pickup drawings, deliver to engineers to be signed and sealed, wait and
    return directly back to you, or any delivery point you specify.
  • We can provide economical overnight delivery.  Unlike other overnight services, when
    you use BDS, your items never leave the local area.  There's no need to spend time
    packing up prints and filling out and sticking on labels.  Simply attach your transmittal
    and we will do the rest.
  • No charge for up to TEN POUNDS.  Only ten cents per pound after that.  
  • Don't trust your foam board renderings to philistines!  These items will be  picked up
    and delivered with care.   Save time, money and aggravation.
  • We can pick up material samples and deliver them without having to be packaged for
    shipment.  We can arrange to pickup at a specific time as required by the supplier.
  • We can deliver models and other delicate items directly from your office to their
  • We are flexible!  We can re-route items in transit, to another destination, or even return
    them to you prior to delivery.  
  • We can perform round trips, or multiple stop trips to fit your needs.
  • If you can describe what you need done, we can do it.  Please give us a call.   Your
    call will be answered by a person who will see that you receive personal attention.
  • We provide individual job tickets with your client reference for convenient billing